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The Amazing Categories of Shoes for Kids

After a few months, parents have to start thinking of getting shoes for their babies. There are different kinds of Shoes for Kids and picking the right one requires some knowledge on what to look for in shoes for kids. Kids and babies have growing feet that are more susceptible to problems if they wear bad shoes and shoes not appropriate for their age. So parents must take care when buying shoes for kids.


Choosing the Right Kind of Shoes for Kids

Shoes for Kids


With every shoe, parents must check for some basic and vital components and qualities before buying them. These things make sure that the kid is comfortable when wearing the shoe and that the legs can breathe and have room to develop properly when in the shoe. So what are these requirements when buying shoes for kids? What should parents look out for?

Spacious Shoes for Kids

When buying shoes, parents should always check that the shoe is spacious enough. There should be enough space on top that would allow for the kids toes to roam free and not feel compressed. As adults, we have those women shoes that are narrow and v-shaped and quite uncomfortable. While women are willing to make this sacrifice of giving up comfort for the sake of fashion, kids should not have to do same.

Have the kids test the shoes and make sure they can wiggle their toes in the shoe. Get shoes with rounded and wide tops as they are the ones with space. Do not get shoes with pointy tops no matter how cute they are. Remember for kids comfort and practicality should always be the priority. Also speaking for space, try to get shoes that fit your kids but also have space to accomodate a little growth in the foot. Kids foot grow very fast and you should be able to have confidence that their shoes can take on some of that new growth so you don’t have to buy a new pair every two weeks.

However, keep in mind that you should not buy shoes that are too big for your child. Oversized shoes cause a lot of discomfort to the feet, could fall off constantly and could cause your kids to trip and fall. I know it’s a conundrum, choosing the right shoe that has space for growth but is not too big but carefully looking at the shoe when you buy, having your child try it on and watching them for awhile in their shoes will give you the perception you need to pick the right shoe every time.

Breathable Shoes for KidsShoes for Kids


When they say a shoe is breathable, it means that air can get in the shoe. When a shoe is breathable it means the feet can have access to air and is more comfortable. Breathable shoes also make for less smelly feet. If a shoe is not breathable it can lead to not only smelly feet but some bad foot conditions as well. Get shoes that are made from breathable material or get shoes that have holes in them and this allows for more breathability and comfort for your kids feet.

Different Kinds of Shoes for Kids

There are various types of shoes for kids and new types are constantly entering the market. This means there are lots of option for parents to choose from when it comes to both quality and style.

Shoes for Kids


Sneakers are a classic type of shoe and they are loved by both kids and adults alike. They come in different colors and they can be worn by both boys and girls. They are also appropriate for any season. Though in the winter you might have to get winter boots or snow boot for your kids (if you live around snow). But sneakers can be worn in all seasons. They can also be worn for almost activities. They are great for pla, outings, and can even be used as school shoes. You can get either high-top sneakers or low-tops for your kids.

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats are for girls and they provide comfort and are also very cute. They are also very versatile and can be worn on different occasions. When it comes to breathability, ballerina flats are one of the most breathable kinds of shoes. They have an open top and this allows air to flow freely through the feet. Ballerina flats might not be the most appropriate kind of shoes for kids when it comes to play times. This is because the can fall off easily as they have no straps. But they are great for young toddlers who are learning how to wear their shoes themselves. The ease makes a toddler more confident and willing to learn faster.


Kids booties are a great choice of shoes for many reasons. They offer versatility, and can fit with most outfits. They are also great school shoes and always make kids and toddlers look smart and sharp. When you get them for your kids you can be rest assured they will stay on the whole time.

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